Contactless payments are the way to go, especially since the evolution of COVID-19 and pandemic panics. If you are not sure what this is, you need to study before going on your trip.





Contactless payment technology enables payment transactions via a contactless chip embedded in payment cards, tags, key fobs, watches, and mobile phones. The chip communicates with a reader device that uses radio frequency or Near Field Communication (NFC) standards.

Contactless payment “machines” and devices can be found in restaurants, bars, pubs, public transportation vending machines, food and soda machines, parking meters and payment machines, taxi cabs, buses, hotels, and many other locales.

Recently issued credit cards will have a “fan-shape” icon (like shown above) printed on them if contactless-enabled.

iPhones, SmartPhones, Apple Watch, GooglePay, and ApplePay will need to be “set-up” with credit card and account information BEFORE LEAVING HOME.

In Restaurants, split the bill, no problem!

If you are out dining with a group and want to split the bill, try this:

  1. Don’t worry about telling the waiter beforehand.  Everyone should order their meal “on one tab.”
  2. Enjoy your meal.
  3. Ask for the check when you are ready for it.  Don’t ask for it to be split!
  4. Look at the check, take out your calculator, and add up the total for what each person (or couple) is paying.  Add 5%-10% tip if you want.
  5. Ask the waiter to bring the “machine.”  He will show up with a portable credit card device.
  6. Tell the waiter how much you want to pay.  Swipe, insert, or tap the machine and that about will go on your card.
  7. Repeat the process with the others at the table.